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We don’t like gatekeeping. We want to support young, local artists and help everybody access beautiful fine art and timeless design at affordable prices. Studying at Aalto, the top 6 Art & Design University in the world, we are surrounded by amazing artists and creatives who might be the next Demian Hirst. and we want to make their work visible and accessible to everybody on the planet.

Lots of young artists struggle to be seen. At the same time, collectors and art lovers cannot easily keep up with all the new artists entering the scene. Artmu solves this problem, by giving you easy access to Finland’s hidden gems and upcoming talents.

This is why we founded Artmu, a platform where artists come to share their latest work and their vision for the future.

Our promise:

  • Artists are at the center of everything we do. We only work with local, independent artists and make sure they are fairly compensated and supported. Due to this, our sales cut is the lowest compared to other online art marketplaces and much lower than art galleries.
  • We work with art students who represent the most creative future of art and design.
  • We might not be a big auction house (yet), but we promise the best customer experience. You will receive a personalized note from the artist you supported, and we will respond to all inquiries within 24 hours, no matter what.
  • We add new art pieces every week and are working on expanding our selection, so please get in touch with feedback and requests; we read and answer every one of them.

Our Story

Artmu was forged in the start-up programs at Aalto University – a world leading university for art and design. The founders are artists and designers themselves, who are incredibly passionate in bringing more opportunities to young talents. We strive to support hidden talents from students to hobbyists to share their creativity and connect with audiences.

Founded at : Aalto Ventures Program, Aaltoes, Ignite


Supported by: Helsinki Think Company, YritysEspoo

As an artist and designer from Aalto University, I have seen many incredibly talented individuals struggle to find their audience. That's why we created Artmu - to provide a stage for those who have exceptional talent but haven't been discovered yet.
Finland has an incredibly unique ethos, which is reflected in its many passionate designers and craftsman here. However, it can be hard to find all the amazing talents. With Artmu, we can discover these "diamonds in the dirt" together.


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