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I’m so happy to see that Artmu is taking charge of the middle segment in the art industry, providing real art to the people and making new artists start their professional path!

Rasmus Basilier


On today’s environment of self-expression, I’m glad that Artmu is providing such a stepping stone for new artists who might not otherwise get noticed.

Juho Pirhonen
I love how Artmu curates novel and innovative art and design pieces while encouraging up-and-coming artists and designers to perfect their craft. It helps to discover and support the creatives of tomorrow.

Katarina blind
Contributing in supporting an art platform and individual artist – one of the best combos you can do with your money.
Sanni Suominen
Artmu what a fantasic new company and a really clever idea. I love art but don’t really know the scene and where to search for geniune and affordable pieces. This made such a difference and was able to buy something I really enjoy. Also to be able to conect with the artists. Love it!
Dara dunn
I love this group of designers who are trying to make a place for their cool and awesome artworks. Artmu is a place you can definitely recommend to other art lovers.
yu yang-arhippainen
Amazing initiative, well done!
Clara Bessiere
Artmu is a perfect platform to find amazing art works and local talents!
Self-made woodworker creating sustainable things using salvaged wood where possible. Showcase at woodwork.saarno.com
Timo Saarno
Thank you Artmu!
Touko Kontro

Thank you for supporting us!

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