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It’s Tadpoles, baby! | Acrylic painting 20x20cm


Original Artwork (One Of A Kind) by Gabriella Presnal, BA in Media and Arts, Tampere University & MA in Nordic Masters in Visual Studies & Art Education, Aalto University

Material: Acrylic Painting on MDF panel

Dimensions: 20x20cm

Framing: This artwork is NOT framed.  No screws or holes in the back of the MDF board.

Signature: This artwork is signed by the artist

Acrylic on canvas stapled to 20×20 MDF board. No screws or holes in the back of the MDF board.

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I was simply inspired by tadpoles.

I could say I was inspired by this transition tadpoles have when they grow and become adults and become more transient beings, able to walk on land and live in water, as is their amphibian nature. I was reminded of learning about frogs and amphibians from early childhood to learning further about ecology in later education as well. When I lived in Sweden, I used to catch frogs with my friends in elementary school. I think I always felt odd to my classmates, maybe it was only my foreignness (American), or maybe it was something additional as well (was it sexuality? or gender?).

Frogs are also something of interest in related to queer identity, for example, the recent trend of frogs’ associations with cottagecore, “goblin”, and other similar aesthetics that many wlw relate to. The amphibian creatures are also a reminder of the viral Alex Jones conspiracy meme about a part of the gay agenda was biological warfare that was “turning all the frogs gay”. Frogs for me, are about reclamation in relation to that conspiracy, but also about this transitory experience frogs have when developing. Perhaps it is some escapism that inspires this intrigue or is a reflection of where I am now in life (transitioning to adulthood).

Or maybe I could just say I was inspired by tadpoles.

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Dimensions 20 × 1 × 20 cm


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