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Seller Guidebook

Register as a vendor through Become a seller and fill up necessary information. 

Register an account after filling up the form.

*NOTE! Please check your SPAM emails if you don’t receive the verification code.

How to price your products:

  • Look at the price of other similar products.
  • Consider the time and effort you put in. Will you be happy to work for this price?
  • Add expenses – cost of material, package, commission fee, transaction fee, etc.

Go to your Dashboard – Product – Add new product. You will see:

Image requirement: jpg./ webp. format. (please don’t upload png.) Maximum image size 2MB.

Your product will show as “Pending” after you create the product. After the admin approves your product, it will be published.

*NOTE! If your product is Downloadable or Virtual, you need to create the product first, then you will be able to edit it into a Downloadable or Virtual product.

Once your product shows as “Online”, your product will be able to be seen by customers and be edited in your Dashboard.

Image requirement: jpg./ webp. format. (please don’t upload png.) Maximum image size 2MB.


  • If your product is variable: Check this video How to create a variable products?
  • If your product is downloadable: Upload your file, your customer will be able to download it when they purchase your product.

Go to Dashboard – Settings – Shipping

Click “Edit” – Add shipping methods (add at least one method):

1. Flat rate (If you charge a fee for shipping):

You can refer to the shipping fees by the shipping services such as:

Check the shipping fee from delivery service provider and put the cost. If you need different shipping fees for different kinds of items, you can set extra costs for different shipping classes. (e.g. if you set 5€ for “L parcel” class, then the shipping fee for “L parcel” class = original shipping fee + 5)
2. Local pickup:
We can set the cost to 0€ if the customer come to pick up at your address. We recommend you to for example put your University address in your profile to avoid privacy issue. You can also contact the customer to agree with a pick up address.
3. Free shipping:
You can set up a minimum order amount for free shipping. (For example, free shipping for order over 100)
Ship outside Finland (OPTIONAL):
Use the same method as above. 
NOTE! Please make sure you have confirmed the International shipping fees with your shipping service before you activate this option.

Go to Dashboard – Settings – Store.

The most important information that you should always fill up:

  • Banner, Profile picture, Store name, Store categories
  • Location – You can put your University’s name
  • TOC (Terms and Conditions) Details – If you don’t accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations. Please state it in your TOC.
  • Biography – Your stories is an important reason why people want to choose your store. Pictures and videos will make it more impressive! Click “Add Media” to add pictures or videos.

Image requirement: jpg./ webp. format. (please don’t upload png.) Maximum image size 2MB.

When you make a sale, you will receive a notification email. Please make sure you check your email or our website on time. 

Make sure that you pack the products well, ship the order and add the shipment information as soon as possible. 


*NOTE! You need to manually change Shipping Status, from “On the way” to “Delivered” when it arrives.

If the shipping method is Local Pickup, you will need to mark the shipment as “Ready for Pickup“. After the pickup, change it to “Delivered“.


If you are going for a holiday break and your works will be unavailable for a while, remember to change your product status to “Draft” during your leave and change them back to “Online” when you’re back:


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